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The latter half of the 18th Century, following the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, saw the rapid advancement of Wind Instruments and along with it; the rise in popularity of the Wind Quintet. And even though its enjoyment as an artistic medium dwindled throughout the latter half of the 19th Century, it survived, and has now established itself as a standardised form of Chamber Music.

This is where you’ll meet the Turner St Quintet; formed in early 2014 after realising the unique combination of instruments in front of them and a shared love of the Wind Quintet sound. They are mix of musicians hailing from the Hunter Valley along the East Coast of Australia.

Perfect for the concert hall, background music for a wedding or banquet, or even an afternoon of easy listening in a backyard amongst friends; The Turner St Quintet doesn’t just follow the traditions of this well-established form, but also carries it into a new era of music making; presenting a wide and varied array of works for audiences to enjoy, no matter the occasion.

No shows booked at the moment.