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It’s mid-morning, and the breeze has the gentle warmth of spring. Interest sparks around a caravan which mysteriously appeared in the dead of night, from where? No one is sure.

Then haphazardly (yet expertly) emerging, brightly dressed, poised and ready for the ambush of any street corner, our troop of roving musicians bring the festival energy to any concrete strip, or patch of grass.

Often found creating a soundscape to suit the world they currently find themselves surrounded by, this eclectic travelling ensemble thrives on its mobility and widely progressive musical tastes. Presenting a mix of sounds you’ll recognise and some you won’t.

Be it seated in your favourite café, or leading a parade down the road, you’ll hear the beat, feel the groove and before you know it; you’ll be swept down the boulevard in an ecstasy of dance.

No shows booked at the moment.